HLT-lawyer new member of the Quarantine Tribunal

Steinulf Tungesvik, lawyer and partner in HLT, has been appointed by the Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Monica Mæland, as a new member of the tribunal as of 1 November 2018. The Quarantine Tribunal is an independent tribunal that makes decisions on quarantines and prohibitions when politicians enters into new positions or offices outside the government administration, or if they enter into commercial business. The leader of the Quarantine Council is County Governor of Nordland, Hill-Marta Solberg. The other members of the council are judge Hanne Sophie Greve of Gulating Court of Appeal, lawyer and partner of Gram, Hambro and Garman, Christian Hambro and Director of Norwegian Customs, Øystein Børner.

Tungesvik will of course carry on with his tasks in HLT in the same way as before.